Life Groups

Our Life Groups exist to be a place where we can encourage each other in our spiritual journeys through authentic communities. We have groups that meet throughout the week in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly rhythms.

Currently, we have men’s groups, women’s groups, singles/young couples groups, as well a mental health support group.

Here is a list of our current groups:

Ethan Kim
Men’s Group
Dan LeeMen’s groupWeekly
Daniel Son (2)Men’s groupWeekly and bi-weekly
Lydia Son (2)Women’s groupBi-weekly
Elizabeth PilsnerMental Health groupWeekly
Hannah Kim Lee (2)Women’s groupBi-weekly and monthly
Kristin KimWomen’s groupBi-weekly
Hanna YangWomen’s groupWeekly
Peter and JessicaMixed groupWeekly
PK and Andrea Kim
Mixed groupWeekly

If you are interested in learning about any of our groups, please contact us.